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                hi-fi+ is one of the world’s leading audio networks, featuring expert reviews and features pertaining to high-end audio and music.

                About Us

                Since its launch in 1999, hi-fi+ has been at the forefront of high-end audio as a source of expert reviews, features and opinions of the latest high-quality audio and music, and as a network of discovery. We strive to find the latest and greatest in audio equipment, irrespective of whether it comes from established brands or superstars in the making. hi-fi+ also ventures to bring out the enjoyment and entertainment in audio by producing high quality products that look good and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But most of all, we endeavour to help our audience build systems that bring the sound of the live event into the home.

                In 2021, Nextscreen began a digital transformation of our major audio properties, The Absolute Sound and hi-fi+.? Our team is also bringing out new publications that we believe will help the consumer and advertiser alike.? The whole team is thrilled to introduce this new modern design to the hi-fi+ website.

                Tom Martin

                Chairman & CEO

                Who We Are

                hi-fi+ produces a monthly magazine, and is an online destination for those in pursuit of better sound. We are host to a community of audiophiles and music lovers.

                Our Team

                Pete Collingwood-Trewin


                Alan Sircom


                Tom Hackforth

                Advertisement Manager

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