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                Edifier Stax Spirit S3: The battery lasts HOW long??

                Edifier Stax Spirit S3

                Edifier Stax Spirit S3’s battery life will keep you listening for a long time.

                In this episode of Tea Time with Alan and Pete, hi-fi+ Editor Alan Sircom and Publisher Pete Collingwood-Trewin talk about the Edifier Stax Spirit S3 headphones and their incredible battery life.

                For a more comprehensive review, check out the October issue of hi-fi+ magazine, or get a digital subscription by following this link.

                For more information about this product, click here.

                You can see this video and more on the Hi-Fi+ YouTube Channel, such as Tea Time with Alan and Pete.

                Hi-Fi+ Editor Alan Sircom and Publisher Pete Collingwood-Trewin talk about what’s happening in the high-end audio world.

                Tea Time with Alan and Pete is just one of several new series on the Hi-Fi+ YouTube channel designed for audiophiles of all levels.

                Another series is History of Audio, which aims to teach viewers a little about the History of Audio, which might be a trip down memory lane for many. It also hopes those who watch will learn from the varying experiences of other audiophiles through their trials and tribulations with different equipment.

                While you’re on our YouTube channel, be sure to check out our Audio Basics series. So far, this series has covered what makes a great stereo system and how to find a great stereo system.

                Soon, you can find reports from manufacturers at audio shows from around the world. You can see the likes of Aurender, Focal Naim, AudioThesis, Schiit Audio, and Magnepan, just to name a few. Right now, you can see what debuted at AXPONA 2022 and a bit from the Texas Audio Roundup, including background on the Magnepan LRS+. You can also see videos from Pacific Audio Fest in Seattle, and soon you can catch videos from CEDIA 2022 in Dallas.

                You can also see product reviews on the hi-fi+ YouTube channel coming soon.

                Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss any episodes!

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