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                Rega Announces Naia Turntable

                rega naia

                September 2023 – After previews across the worlds hi-fi shows, we are delighted to finally announce the official launch of the Rega Naia turntable.

                Since we first previewed the Naia turntable at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show in February it has since been seen in Tokyo, Hong Kong and at the Munich High-End show, where it has received an exceptional response.

                The term ‘groundbreaking’ is often used in our industry; however, we feel that this turntable is working on another level to anything we have produced before. Every demonstration has the same result, the Naia reveals unrivalled levels of detail with listeners being stunned by its performance all reporting they are hearing new things on recordings that they have played multiple times before.

                The Rega Naia turntable is the result of years of painstaking development which was used to create the now famous ‘Naiad’ test bed turntable.

                The Naia takes the best of this development and technology and transfers it into a production ready version without compromise and is packed with ground-breaking features, materials and technology developed by Rega over many years to reach new levels of vinyl replay.

                This reference level turntable takes our pioneering low mass high rigidity plinth technology to the next level by using a Graphene impregnated carbon fibre skeletal plinth with Tancast 8 foam core.
                This ultra rigid structure is then strengthened further using two ceramic aluminium oxide braces, the same material used to create the redesigned, resonance controlled ceramic platter with improved flywheel effect.


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