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                Tannoy to Introduce Super Gold Speaker Range Building on the Heritage of the Classic Professional Monitor Gold

                tannoy super gold

                20-09-2023 Hamilton, Scotland – Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Tannoy Super Gold range of speakers comprises three models – Super Gold 10, Super Gold 12 and Super Gold 15. All of the speakers aim at reproducing music exactly as the artists intended it to sound. The direct link is the company’s Monitor Gold, which has been in use in professional recording studios since the 1960’s, and epic albums by artists like Michael Jackson, Elton John, The Eagles, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Christina Aguilera and many more have been mixed and mastered on Tannoy studio monitors.

                The number for each model reflects the size of the driver, and all drivers share the same dual concentric design with the high-frequency driver merged into the center of the cone of the main driver. This design was invented by Tannoy in 1947 and it was also used in the classic Monitor Gold. With this true point-source concept, the entire frequency spectrum originates from a single point, as both drivers are on the exact same axis. This approach ensures unmatched off-axis performance, as well as pristine phase coherence.

                In order to be able to compensate for acoustically challenged spaces, a 2-way energy control system is located on the front of the speakers* Also, with regard to placement, the Super Gold range has front-firing bass ports in order to be placed against walls or in corners without sonic compromises.

                The cabinets are dense and rigid, offering balanced control of low-end performance, and Different Material Technology, as well as heavy-duty 24 carat multi-layer, gold-plated custom binding posts, ensures optimum signal transmission and integrity.

                Also, on the visual side, Super Gold nods respectfully to its Monitor Gold predecessors, as they have a clear classic touch, but with a modern twist that makes them blend into modern living spaces naturally and gracefully.

                “The unveiling of the Tannoy Super Gold Monitor speakers marks a momentous milestone in Tannoy’s History. With its rich heritage dating back to 1926, these speakers represent a harmonious fusion of vintage aesthetics and cutting-edge engineering, offering audiophiles a truly immersive listening experience.”

                Andrew Provan, Tannoy Production Manager

                Simply put, Tannoy continues to build on its 95-year history in speaker development, design and manufacturing with the brand-new Super Gold range of speakers. And just like the original Monitor GOLD, the Tannoy SUPER GOLD range of speakers are designed and manufactured in the UK.?

                **SGM15 features a 3-way energy control system.


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