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                Unveiling: Definitive Audio Living Voice R80 loudspeaker

                Definitive Audio Living Voice R80

                Kevin from Definitive Audio unveils the Living Voice R-80 loudspeaker and goes through other products in their room at Audio Show Deluxe.

                For more information on this product, click the link below:


                There is a lot more audiophile content to see on the hi-fi+ YouTube channel, including dozens more product reviews, show reports, Audio Basics and much more.

                You can find a world exclusive first listen of the Linn 360 family, as well as reviews of the Magnepan LRS+ or Magnepan Ultra-wideband Bass System woofer, stop what you’re doing and watch now!

                You can also find reports from different audio shows around the world, including Audio Show Deluxe, Bristol Hi-Fi Show, Florida International Audio Expo, Warsaw Audio Video Show, Capital Audio Fest and much more. Soon you will be able to see new product launches and in-depth information on products featured at AXPONA 2023.

                We don’t just do reports at audio shows spanning the globe, we also have product launches and inside info on products from many different manufacturers, including Focal Naim, Acora Acoustics, Schiit Audio, and Innuos, just to name a few.

                There are informational series like Tea Time with Alan and Pete, where Hi-Fi+ Editor Alan Sircom and Publisher Pete Collingwood-Trewin talk about what’s happening in the high-end audio world, and reveal the 2022 Product of the Year.

                Another series is History of Audio, which aims to teach viewers a little about the History of Audio, which might be a trip down memory lane for many. It also hopes those who watch will learn from the varying experiences of other audiophiles through their trials and tribulations with different equipment.

                While you’re on our YouTube channel, be sure to check out our Audio Basics series. So far, this series has covered what makes a great stereo system and how to find a great stereo system.

                Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss any episodes!

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